Moving Women from Chaos to Confidence …Before Mr. Right

“You don’t have to settle for being violated, when you’re already validated. You don’t have to chase, when you’re worth being chosen. You don’t have to be desperate, when you know that you’re destined…for greatness in life & in love.”


Brownie- CEO of You Are Singled Out 

you are singled out

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A Little About Us

We’re glad that you are here.  It is not by accident.  We want to invite you to take a closer look at us.  Discover what our foundation is and why we exist.  It’s time to transform your life, so start here.

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Kimberly “Brownie” Vaughn is entertaining and a masterful story teller.  If you are putting an event together for the empowerment of women, Look no further.  She is sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience.  Make your booking today!

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Free Resources

Take advantage of our free resources.  They are great for sharing with your friends, as well as serve as a personal challenge to help shape your destiny.  We are constantly adding to the list. We want to give you the tools to embrace your Godly power.

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Confidence in knowing who you are prepares you in a powerful way. Wholeness equips you to wisely engage in healthy relationships rooted in purpose and mutual growth.  

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